No One is Abandoned Here!

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Project N.O.A.H Safety Net Services

JFS SV’s food assistance and crisis services have quadrupled over the past few years. We provide these services to more than 1000 people under our Project N.O.A.H. (No One Abandoned Here) program.

Project N.O.A.H. provides a safety net of case management, counseling, advocacy and assistance during crises or otherwise urgent situations. For some JFS clients, their need comes in the form of a life crisis; for others, there are ongoing challenges.

Our clients include lower income families and individuals, who are in crisis or facing ongoing challenges.

Following a professional assessment for the individual or family, clients may receive limited assistance to pay for food, utilities, clothes, and small household items. We also offer supportive counseling and case management as needed.

JFS SV staff advocate for, and connect our clients to, agencies in the community that provide assistance with housing, medical, in-home support, and educational resources.

If you are in need of support and the kind of assistance JFS SV provides, please contact:

Anna Benett
(408) 357-7425


Programs of Project N.O.A.H.

Each of these programs offers wonderfully satisfying ways to volunteer your services to help. For details on how you can help, please click here.